A new video from Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner explains the importance of the GDPR.
Milo McLaughlin May 26 2017

According to Google Trends, interest in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been steadily rising over the last 12 months and has reached fever pitch this week, with just one year to go until the new laws come into force.

To coincide with this key milestone, there have been significant updates this week from the ICO, DMA and Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner, plus a new GDPR mobile app. A short summary follows for each.

he DMA are heading up a cross-industry committee who are looking to give mail its own “currency.”
Adam Eldridge May 23 2017

At a recent event at Foyles’ flagship bookstore in London, the DMA announced that they are heading up a cross-industry committee who are looking to give mail its own “currency.”

GDPR News 19.05.17
Milo McLaughlin May 18 2017

As we fast approach the one year deadline for compliance, it’s becoming harder to miss the copious amounts of commentary being published about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

And the recent WannaCrypt ransomware attack can only have raised awareness amongst the public about how well their personal data is being protected.

To save you the time and effort, we’ve sifted the wheat from the chaff when it comes to GDPR news. So without further ado, here are this week’s top 3 data protection related stories:

GDPR News 12.05.17
Milo McLaughlin May 12 2017

There’s just over a year until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, and yet this week there are more survey results suggesting that many businesses are still unprepared for, or even unaware of the new laws.

We’ve also seen another data breach in the last week, with 26,000 Debenham’s customers affected - the kind of incident that could be subject to potentially huge fines under the GDPR, as we saw in last week’s roundup.

Of course there is still a lot of uncertainty about certain elements of the new laws, in particular around consent, legitimate interest and profiling - and lively discussion around these areas has continued this week amongst key players in the not-for-profit sector.

GDPR news 05.05.17
Milo McLaughlin May 05 2017

It’s becoming hard to miss the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hype now that there are just 384 days until it comes into force.

Here are the top 6 stories this week.

GDPR News 28.04.17
Milo McLaughlin Apr 27 2017

The GDPR comes into force in 391 days and counting, and the specific details of how it will be enforced are still being thrashed out.

Last week the ICO said it would have guidance on consent ready by June, after it received over 300 consultation responses. This week there is an update on whether the topic of legitimate interest will be included.

The Chartered Institute of Marketers (CIM) have launched a new ‘getting your data right’ campaign urging businesses to get their house in order now in order to ensure compliance by next year.

We also take a look at the results of a worrying new global survey about the GDPR by Veritas, and an opportunity for charities to have their say on the impact of the new laws on their sector.    

Milo McLaughlin Apr 21 2017

There are now only 398 days to go until significant new European data protection laws come into force. Although things are a little quieter this week compared to last week’s bumper Easter update, there’s still no shortage of GDPR-related news.

GDPR weekly roundup: Easter Edition
Milo McLaughlin Apr 13 2017

There are now just over 400 days to go until the new data protection laws come into force, and the steady stream of GDPR-related news shows no sign of slowing down.

Last week we saw some robust responses to the ICO consent guidance from the DMA, IoF and Fundraising Regulator. This week we also look at Ken Burnett’s feedback on the guidance, and the ICO publishes another discussion paper, this time on profiling.

And that’s not all - the UK Government is looking for people’s views on whether they should implement any GDPR exemptions, the IoF is defending the use of research in fundraising, and the DMA have published a handy GDPR checklist. Get the full update below.

GDPR news roundup
Milo McLaughlin Apr 07 2017

This week we’ve seen a strong response to the ICO’s recent consent guidance from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and Fundraising Regulator. There have also been further fines for charities, and some worrying survey results about GDPR adoption by UK businesses.

GDPR Roundup - header image
Milo McLaughlin Mar 31 2017

In the week that the UK Government officially pressed the Brexit ejector seat button, EU Data protection may not be at the forefront of most people’s minds.

However the Government have already said that UK data protection laws after Brexit will be harmonised with the GDPR.